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"Today’s choice – tomorrow’s destiny" Be wise!

Pinapple Dialysis Care strives in establishing a high standard of professional etiquette and ensuring complete professionalism at all levels.

We are single mindedly focused to deliver exceptional care through talented & dedicated staff and technology.

Pinapple Dialysis Care has earned a landmark name here in Trichy and we owe our gratitude to our patients.

The origin of Pinapple Labs is based on a simple fact:

A Laboratory that is self-sufficient and has high-tech and sophisticated testing methods to conduct all tests independently

The idea came to a reality in 2016 and we partnered with major brands like BD Bio Sciences, Cepheid, Mindray, Snibe, BioMérieux.


Since its inception in 2014, Pinapple Med. continues a legacy of 100 years of success in the pharmaceutical industry.

We are committed to providing safe, effective and affordable drugs, as well as a philosophy of customer service worthy of the loyalty of our valued customers. The Retail division of Pinapple Med. is open 24x7 for all your medicinal needs. 


How you can reach us.

Call to check availability

Nothing beats the option to speak with a real person to fix your appointment

Follow the GPS

All our locations have accurate updates on the Google Maps™ so that you reach the right destination at the right time

Give us a high Five

You are welcome to visit us 24x7, we strive to give you the best possible care at unbeatable prices and we guarantee you will leave with a smile


Legacy & Wisdom


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Our team

Ready to be amazed by our unique care-o-nauts? With a combined experience of 100+ years, you can be rest assured 

Want to meet them?

Own your health

First things first. Google Search is not a diagnostic means in anyway, albeit it can be used for a mere prognosis. YOU own YOUR health.

Ready to start?

Affordable Healthcare is everyone's right

Proper Medical care should'nt burn your savings. Pinapple Care thrives on this very fact. Almost all of our services are priced with a razor thin margin.

Based on FY 2019-2020 (not verified by external sources)

Savings estimate exceeds ₹ 20,00,000. Ready to save?

“Gene-health gave me a better understanding of my background and genetic makeup.This has also helped me stay aware of impending health risks and live a more healthy life.”

Chad Murray, Investment Banker

Why choose Pinapple Care ?

The MIND behind it all

We’re spearheaded by renowned Dr. S . Vel Arvind who has exceptional experience in medical science. He has pioneered several treatments that have continually proven to be breakthroughs.

Latest Tech

We employ the use of latest technology by the biggest brands in the industry to stay ahead in the race of providing utmost care to our patients.

We’ve got your back.

Your data is encrypted, protected and under your control.

We do not share any information.

Our dedicated 24 X 7 support will be of assistance throughout the process.

Contact us for any queries.

How much does your Health matter to you?

Discover the potential to good Health, learn how it’s relevant & what you need to do. 
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